Ordinacija Belavista

Professional and quality work with frequent and continuous education and use of the latest recommendations for healing and dental treatments of patients. Full dedication to our patients. Pleasant atmosphere, which creates a positive attitude towards the dental treatment.
Use of the latest technology materials from leading manufacturers are the guaranty to a quality treatment and true way towards the optimal oral health and desired smile for self confidence and admiration.

Dr Ivan Konjević
Phone : +382 67 558 253
Email : osa.belavista@gmail.com
Adress : Nikole Ljubibratića 1 , JZU Dom zdravlja Herceg Novi


We give wide specter of dental services for patients of all ages. Permanent education, exceptional medical approach with diagnosis for a particular type of treatment, detailed initial inspection and not less important after treatment monitoring, allow precise insight in to condition of oral health and give the patient detailed information about required treatment, dynamics and price of the treatment.

Our clinic is in the private partnership with the Health Fund of Montenegro and we give dental services to the persons under 18 years of age, regular students up to 26 years of age, expecting mothers, and persons over 65 years of age, free of charge. More here


For all paying patients we offer quality dental services at very competitive prices. You are welcome to come and make sure to the quality of our services.

  • Conservative and preventive dentistry

    Dental examination: 10€
    First aid: 10€
    Aesthetic composite fillings: 20€
    Amalgam fillings: 20€
    Direct or indirect pulp capping: 10€
    Vital or mortal pulp amputation: 10€
    Pulpit treatment of one root canals: 10€
    Pulpit treatment of of multiroot canals: 30€
    Gangrene treatment: 25€
    Removal of old canal filling: 10€
    Composite in lay with post: 30€
    Fissure sealants with fluoride release: 10€
    Bruxism splint: 50€
  • Dental prosthetics

    Total acrylic denture: 160€
    Partial acrylic denture: 160€
    Partial denture with attachments: 300€
    Valplast flexible denture: 50€
    Root post: 300€
    Metal ceramic crown: 80€
    Ceramic crown (zirconia): 170€
    Ceramic veeners: 170€
    Old crown removing: 15€
  • Oral surgery and parodontology

    Teeth extraction: 10€
    Complicated teeth extraction: 20€
    Calculus scaling with oral hygiene instructions: 15€
    Periodontal pocket curettage (per tooth): 5€

Dental tourisam

Combine pleasure and practical. Get to know the cultural, historic and natural beauty of our town Hreceg Novi and Boka Kotorska bay and within the holiday plan your dental treatment at competitive prices.

At our clinic you can receive wide spectra of dental services which are equal to those in other countries, with the use of quality materials, at considerable lover prices with the option of accommodation available during your stay.

For the purpose of detailed information and planning, considering time limitations, it is recommended to make an advance booking.

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